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The success of your communication will determine your success in every part of your life.

Welcome to Box Communication, Inc.  As the self-proclaimed communication evangelist, I train, and coach individuals and teams in every communication area: conflict, interviews, customer service, presentation skills, business writing, team building, leadership, and much more. My team will partner with your business to deliver tailor-made practical solutions, fast. Since 1993, we’ve helped people accomplish their best work by improving communication skills and we’re confident we’re the right partner for you.

MISSION - to equip people with elite communication skills


  • Connection – rapport and relationship

  • Skill – the ability to do something well

  • Strategy – plan of action

VISION – to unleash the awesome

Box Communication, Inc. Services

Proven Results

Conflict Management

Grow Your Business

The trouble at work is never the work, it's the people. Learning to manage conflict will make you a stand-out among your team and equip you to tackle a difficult work relationship with confidence. The information, conversational structure, and personal coaching are training outcomes that will benefit you in every part of your life. You will never end another conversation with "Whatever!"

Interview Coaching

Expert Guidance

Need help preparing for a big interview? Let me help you in person or online using Zoom. Anyone can move forward with confidence and skill by learning some simple structures and pocket phrases. I've coached top level executives, college graduates going after that first big job, medical students, and everyone in between.

Business Writing and Grammar

Achieve Your Goals

With years of experience, our staff has the capabilities and expertise to take your business writing to the next level. If you are worried about this training being dry, don't be. Time moves quickly with lots of interactive learning projects, plenty of new tips and tricks, and a solid review of the fundamentals. We even cover email and slides to round out the whole business writing experience.

It's All About the Energy
Customer Service

Expert Guidance

Creating a customer centered culture is more than using the right tone of voice and being polite. It’s about a sincere dedication to go beyond the expectations of your customer, ultimately, helping people navigate through challenges in a way that makes them say, “Wow! I’m impressed.”

Making IT Happen
Team Building

Expert Guidance

What is it? IT is the intangible that inspires you to negotiate the difficulties of work challenges, manage the land mine of personalities and want to come back for more. When teams have IT, there are no limits to what can be accomplished. Participants in this team-building training will work on listening skills, communication networks, positive team dynamics, and innovative problem solving. Special focus will be placed upon getting the job done while keeping the relationships intact. While being involved in competitions and dynamic activities, participants will learn how to make IT happen.

Executive Presentation Skills

Grow Your Business

Successful presentation skills are in high demand are a critical part of leadership. 
Learning to conquer a few public speaking skills will make you a stand-out leader for your team and equip you to successfully motivate your team. Whether simply answering questions or making a major presentation, communicating with poise and confidence will add to your personal and professional credibility.

Controlling the Chaos

Grow Your Business

To thrive in today’s demanding environment, managers, supervisors, and staff need better productivity strategies and applicable skills that address the realities of today’s fast-paced, multi- tasking, and dynamic work environments. Through interactive exercises, case studies and group discussions, participants learn organization and communication best practice techniques to create a healthy life/work balance. They develop new skills to boost professional productivity, effectiveness, and job satisfaction.

Training Modules

  • Control the chaos within

  • Control the chaos of the team

  • Control the chaos with the right tools

Mastering the Media

Achieve Your Goals

Mastering the Media provides practical methods for the any professional to successfully communicate complex ideas in a social media world of limited attention spans and 20 second sound bites. Professionals are increasingly called upon to provide information, quotes, interviews and advice for the public during a crisis, and often struggle to package the critical information successfully. This situation is tricky, but certainly manageable with Amanda Box as your communication coach.

Leadership Bootcamp for Women in Ministry

Achieve Your Goals

Every volunteer or minister needs help with a couple of things: leadership and communication. With this Leadership Bootcamp for Women in Ministry, you have two seasoned coaches, Becky Burroughs and Amanda Box to help you get to the next level of your leadership and communication.
This bootcamp is designed to provide training, community, and individual coaching for you – in leadership and communication. With our four group sessions, we will work on specific topics such as conflict and barriers to leadership. Then with the individual sessions, one with Becky, and one with Amanda, we will specifically work on your personal skills. Our prayer is that by joining this bootcamp, you will get amazing support from other female ministers who get your life, and that you grow in your confidence and skill as strong, effective leaders.

Coaches and Conflict: It’s always about the playing time

Expert Guidance

Dealing with conflict can be brutally draining for coaches and unfortunately, the motivation for moving on to other jobs. With this workshop on conflict, we will work from three stages: prevention, planning, and programming. From these three stages, participants will learn solid methods to deal with conflict while building credibility and mutual respect.

Marketing Consultant

Expert Guidance

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